ShreeMetalPrices: RBI pause repo rate at 6.5% But it could be temporary


The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) & the (MPC) Monetary Policy Committee unanimously resolved on Thursday to maintain the policy repo rate at 6.5 percent while remaining prepared to take actions if the need arise. This decision was based on the overall economy and its forecast. As a result, the bank rate and the rates […]

ShreeMetalPrices: UBS buys Credit Suisse in $3.25B to halt banking turmoil


The acquisition of Credit Suisse with UBS will produce a banking titan unprecedented of in Switzerland’s history, where in banking is a vital part of country’s identity. Here are the key terms of the 3.25 billion dollar settlement. Which was reached on Sunday following protracted negotiations involving the govt, financial watchdogs, and the central bank. […]

ShreeMetalPrices: United states Federal Reserve Policy Meeting sets for Mar 21 & 22


A number of significant economic events scheduled for the week, as well as a banking Industries turmoil in the United States. It is anticipated that both the domestic market and its international equivalents will remain volatile. Given the ongoing financial crisis & recent economic statistics. The 2-day United states FOMC monetary policy meeting. Which is […]

ShreeMetalPrices: Federal Reserve policymakers warns more rate hikes in 2023


The Federal Reserve (Fed) said that raising interest rates will continue to be implemented in its semi-annual Monetary Policy Report sent to Congress in order to combat excessive inflation. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) resumes rate rises at its meetings in December and January. But according to the report. “It thinks continuous hikes with […]

ShreeMetalPrices: Gold Deposits Found in Odhisa in Three Different Regions


Odisha is once again in the spotlight for its deposits of precious minerals & metals, which account for 98% of the country’s chromite resources. And it’s gold this time. 3 Gold deposits have been discovered in three different regions within the state, mines & Steel Minister Prafulla Mallik said the state Assembly on Monday. In […]