ShreeMetalPrices: Gold Deposits Found in Odhisa in Three Different Regions


Odisha is once again in the spotlight for its deposits of precious minerals & metals, which account for 98% of the country’s chromite resources. And it’s gold this time. 3 Gold deposits have been discovered in three different regions within the state, mines & Steel Minister Prafulla Mallik said the state Assembly on Monday.

In response to a marked question, the minister told that surveys conducted by the Directorate of Mining & Geological Survey of India (GSI) confirmed the presence of gold deposits in the districts of Deogarh, Keonjhar, and Mayurbhanj.

According to the statement presented to the House. The gold reserves were discover in 7 locations each in the districts of Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj, as well as the Adas area of Deogarh.

The GSI specialists discovered copper and an anticipated 1,685 kilogram of gold ore in the Adas region. Gold deposits were discover in the Gajipur, Gopur, Saleikana, Dimirimunda, Kusakala, Adal, & Karadanga regions of Keonjhar. According to a survey by the department of Mines and Geology.

During a survey between 1989 and 1996. The geologists found 2 quartz veins in the Telkoi tehsil region that contained one gramme of gold per tonne of ore.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the team found 2.5 gram to 10 gram of gold per tonne of ore in a 60-meter-long and 1-meter-wide quartz vein in the Gopur region.