Fitch Ratings’ 2024 Forecast: Industrial Metal Prices on a Decline


Fitch Ratings predicted on Friday that industrial metal prices would decline in 2024 as slower global economic growth will weigh on demand, particularly in China. Which is the world’s biggest consumer of raw materials. According to a report by Fitch Ratings, the benchmark copper prices for London in 2024 could drop by 2% to $8,600 per […]

U.S Steel Announces Permanent Closure of Steel Operations in Illinois


U.S Steel made headlines in September when it revealed that a blast furnace at its Granite City, Illinois, facility would be temporarily idled. The business blamed the United Auto Workers (UAW) directly for this decision and attributed it to the ongoing strike. The plant’s leadership presented the action as a proactive “risk mitigation” tactic in […]

Turkish Steel Production Trends: A 4.1% YoY Surge in October


The Turkish Steel Producers’ Association (TCUD) released a statement stating that in October of this year, crude steel production in Turkey rose by 4.1% YOY to 3 million mt. Between January and October of this year, Turkey produced 27.5 million metric tonnes of crude steel, an 8.8% decrease from the previous year. October saw a […]