Taiwan Concerned Over Increased Chinese Military Exercises Near Its Borders


Amidst escalating tensions, Taiwan’s defense minister expresses worry over potential accidental clashes due to frequent Chinese military activities near Taiwan. Taiwan’s defense minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng, voices increasing concerns about the rising risk of accidental clashes due to China’s frequent military maneuvers near Taiwan. These activities include the presence of various Chinese aircraft, drones, bombers, warships, […]

Copper Prices Slide to Five-Week Low Amid Fed’s Hawkish Signals


Copper prices face a slump as the Fed signals prolonged strict policies, and the dollar gains strength, impacting the metal market. LME Copper for a three-month period fell by 2.1% to $8,169.5 per metric ton. It touched $8,123, marking the lowest since August 17. Copper, which is used in power and construction, has fallen by […]

Fed Holds Rates Steady, Anticipates Inflation Dip and Pledges Prudent Monetary Policy


The Federal Reserve (Fed) opted to maintain current interest rate, concurrently signaling a more stringent monetary approach and projecting a dip in inflation. The central bank’s revised quarterly projections suggest a tighter monetary policy, bucking previous expectations for a more relaxed stance through 2024. June’s outlook projected a slight uptick in the central bank’s benchmark […]

China Maintains Stability: Keeps Key Borrowing Rates Steady


In a move anticipated by market experts, China has decided to maintain its primary borrowing rates, a testament to the steadying economy and a stabilizing currency. The one-year loan prime rate (LPR) remains at 3.45%, and the five-year LPR stands at 4.20%, aligning with market expectations. This decision follows the recent extension of medium-term policy […]

Gold Prices React as Fed Pauses, Eyes on Possible Rate Hike


Gold prices responded dynamically ahead of the Federal Reserve’s expected decision to maintain interest rates. However, gains were tempered by profit-taking as the Fed indicated potential rate hikes to curb rising inflation. Amidst the uncertainty preceding the Fed meeting, gold futures initially surged, but enthusiasm waned as the dollar strengthened. Futures closed at $1,967.10 per […]

Copper Prices Drop as Supply Surges Ahead of Fed Meeting


Copper prices experienced a notable decline on Tuesday, primarily driven by an oversupply of copper and apprehensions surrounding the upcoming U.S. Federal Reserve meeting. Traders expressed worry that persistent high-interest rates might dampen the demand for metals. The three-month copper rates on the London Metal Exchange (LME) recorded a 0.8% drop, settling at $8,294 per […]

Gold Prices Reach Two-Week High Amid Dollar Dip Ahead of Central Bank Meetings


Gold prices hit a two-week peak on Tuesday as the U.S. dollar eased from its six-month high. Just ahead of key central bank meetings set for this week, starting with the U.S. Federal Reserve’s meeting today. The spot gold price steadied at $1,932.32 per ounce after reaching its highest point since September 5 earlier in […]

Oil Prices Rise for Fourth Week on Shale Output Decline and OPEC+ Cuts


Oil prices rallied for the fourth consecutive week on Tuesday due to mounting concerns about supply shortages. The decline in U.S. shale oil production, coupled with production cuts by Saudi Arabia and Russia, has heightened worries about the availability of oil in the market. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose by 1% to $92.38 […]

German Economy Faces Contraction Amid Industry Struggles and Low Consumer Spending


Germany’s economy is facing a concerning possibility of shrinking this quarter, marked by a struggling industry and reduced consumer spending, according to the monthly economic report by the Bundesbank. This could extend a trend of no growth or decline, aligning with a previous brief recession earlier this year. Bundesbank’s Report Highlights Challenges Amidst Economic Downturn […]

Copper Prices Dip as Markets Await Fed’s Interest Rate Call


Copper prices experienced a slight decline in Asian trading on Tuesday, setting a subdued mood across the market as everyone eagerly awaited crucial central bank decisions on interest rates, with a keen focus on the U.S. Federal Reserve, initiating its two-day policy meeting later today. Prices for copper on the London Metal Exchange (LME) opened […]