In January 2023, Hindenburg Research issued a report alleging that Adani Group, one amongst Asia’s top companies, with market manipulation & financial fraud.

which he referred to as a “attack on India.” These events have important geopolitical ramifications for South Asia.

Adani’s fortunes increased by nearly 200 percent when Modi came to power as a result of his company receiving numerous.

Earlier today, the Congress posted a digitally altered image with the faces of Prime Minister Modi & Gautam Adani combined. Along with the text “MODANI,” which is a play on Modi + Adani.

Rahul Gandhi released a video in an effort to criticise the Modi administration, claiming that “Modani” had turned India’s foreign policy into a foreign “deal” policy.

The nation is asking: Whose pressure did LIC-SBI succumb to in order to spend public funds on Adani?“ He tweeted once more