ShreeMetalPrices: Rahul Gandhi On Adani-Hindenburg: ‘Modani’ Jibe; India’s Foreign ‘Deal’ Policy

Rahul-Gandhi-On-Adani-Hindenburg-Modani-Jibe-India Foreign-Deal-Policy

In January 2023, Hindenburg Research issued a report alleging that Adani Group, one amongst Asia’s top companies, with market manipulation & financial fraud. Days after buying the Israeli port in Haifa. The Adani Group’s stock crashed by more than $100 billion, losing half of its worth.

Despite Adani’s denials of these accusations, which he referred to as a “attack on India.” These events have important geopolitical ramifications for South Asia.

Because to his close ties with Prime Minister Modi, Adani has been hailed as being essential to India’s agenda. Adani’s fortunes increased by nearly 200 percent when Modi came to power as a result of his company receiving numerous. Government contracts for initiatives included in Modi’s widespread privatisation campaign.

The connections go beyond only business; for instance. Modi travelled aboard in Adani’s private plane while he was running for office in 2014.

Earlier today, the Congress posted a digitally altered image with the faces of Prime Minister Modi & Gautam Adani combined. Along with the text “MODANI,” which is a play on Modi + Adani.

There are numerous tweets like this one that put doubt on the relationship between the corporate titan and the prime minister. Congress leaders and other opposition politicians demanded the Joint Parliamentary Committee upon an Adani-Hindenburg issue during the most recent budget session of the Parliament.

Today Rahul Gandhi Shared a video.“There isn’t a coincidence between PM Modi travelling abroad and Adani closing new commercial deals. Rahul Gandhi released a video in an effort to criticise the Modi administration, claiming that “Modani” had turned India’s foreign policy into a foreign “deal” policy.

Due to a decline in the value of Adani Group’s shares. LIC is losing roughly Rs 1000 crores in its investments per day. The nation is asking: Whose pressure did LIC-SBI succumb to in order to spend public funds on Adani?“ He tweeted once more.