ShreeMetalPrices: Taiwan Wants China to End Threats and Start Communicating


China should end threatening Taiwan and ensure peace and stability. Said the head of Taiwan’s China-policy governing Mainland Affairs Council on Friday. As Beijing upped military , political pressure on the island it claims as its own. (Read More)

Since August, when it conducted blockade operations around the island in anticipation to a visit of Taipei the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, China has increased military activity close to democratically-governed Taiwan.

Chiu Tai-san, minister of the Mainland Affairs Council. Said at a conference in Taipei that Beijing should end threatening since doing so simply expands the gap between both the two sides and increases tensions in the area.

We urge the people of mainland China to withdraw and support peace & stability. Overcoming the trend to use force to solve issues is essential for maintaining peace, according to Chiu. Who also suggested Beijing & Taipei settle their differences through “constructive conversation without conditions.”

To combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Chiu said he hoped China would progressively ease its travel restrictions so that the 2 sides could restart “healthy and orderly exchanges” and make space for constructive conversation.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Who the Beijing deems as a separatist, has made numerous offers for negotiations based on equality and mutual respect. But China has consistently rejected these offers.
China believes Taiwan to be its own territory.

President Xi Jinping stated earlier in the month that it was up to the Chinese citizens to settle the Taiwan dispute and that China will never give up using force against Taiwan in a statement at the beginning of the Communist Party Congress in Beijing.

Taiwan asserts that only the 23 million residents of the island can determine its fate and that any claims to independence by Taiwan are invalid because the island has never been governed by the People’s Republic of China.