ShreeMetalPrices: Zinc Markets Amid Declining Demand and Slipping Supply


The zinc markets is puzzled as to whether demand or supply will fall more sharply this year.

According to the most recent estimate by the International Lead and Metal Elements Study Group (ILZSG), global production of refined metal fell mid-year.

Figures are preliminary and subject to revision: However, They capture the contradictory dynamics of zinc Markets and increasingly erratic prices.

The three-month figure on the London Metal Exchange (LME) is currently trading at around $3080 Per Tonne, an extended approach since March. Record $4,896 as market costs on weak Chinese demand and growing prospect of European recession.

Demand takes a hit on the impact of zinc markets consumption so far this year has been felt primarily in China,. According to the World Steel Association,. A struggling Real estate sector has reduced demand for both steel and galvanized steel. China’s domestic steel production fell 6.4% year-on-year in the first seven months of 2022,.

Ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and power bundling in drought-affected parts of the country.

Broader Manufacturing activity was also impacted . Demand fears have now spread to Europe, which appears to be on the verge of European recession all credit to rising energy prices.

Low Inventories

LME inventories are currently at 75,700 tonnes, down 123,625 tonnes year-to-date. A third of the remaining tonnage tax is earmarked for physical cargo. Stocks in the Shanghai commodity market were also slippery, hitting a recent 2022 low of 58,407 tonnes this week. The Shanghai futures curve is turning, and so is the London metal exchange.

The LME currency premium against the three-month metal has eased from its June high of $218 to $27.50 per metric tonnes at Thursday,. But spread volatility is expected to continue rising lately until inventories rise significantly are rebuilt. LME stocks in Europe are still plentiful in the Spanish port of Bilbao, while US warehouses are down to 2100 tons.

Supply Hit

European customers are currently paying record premiums of more than $500 per metric tonnes on top of the LME value to secure spot units. That’s five times what they paid in early 2021.

Supply hit Europe at the epicenter of the global supply of metal elements affected by corporate struggles to influence sky-high energy prices.

The micro zinc markets dynamics are changing rapidly and for now it appears that the demand impact is outweighing the supply impact.

According to the ILZSG,. which forecast a large deficit of 290,000 tons this year at its April meeting, the world market generated a supply surplus of 27,000 tons from January to June. It is the demand perspective that takes into account the absolute price of metal elements. However, cumulative supply issues prevent any rebuilds in trade stock and keep physical supply chains tight. – SHREE METAL PRICES