Yemen’s Houthis attacked six ships in the Red Sea.


Yemen’s Houthi militants claimed responsibility on Tuesday for 6 drone and missile attacks on ships in the Gulf of Aden or the Red Sea over the last 72 hours. Tensions in the area are still present in the wake of these attacks.

In addition to the Pretty Lady ship, which they allege is sailing for Israel. The Houthis also attacked the Maersk Saratoga, APL Detroit, or the Huang Pu after recognising them as either American or British. According to a statement released by the group’s military spokesperson Yahya Sarea.

Since November, global shipping in the Red Sea has been target by the Houthis. Who control the capital or major population centres of Yemen.

They assert that these assaults are a show of support for Palestinians. As a result, in recent weeks, American and British forces have carried out retaliatory strikes.
Sarea said that the group also attacked the Israeli city of Eilat and two the United States destroyers in the Red Sea.

It was not instantly apparent which targets, if any, the drones or missiles had hit.
The US Central Command reported on Sunday that Houthis fired missiles close to the Chinese-owned oil tanker M/V Huang Pu.

Part of Maersk Line, Limited (MLL), the Danish company’s American subsidiary, Maersk Saratoga transports substantial loads for the Department of Defence, Department of State, USAID, and other United States government organisations.

APL Detroit is a container ship flying the flag of Singapore. Whereas Pretty Lady is a handymax ship flying the flag of Malta, according to LSEG data.
Trade through the crucial Suez Canal, which connects Asia and Europe, has been stifled by the Houthis’ intensifying drone and missile campaign against commercial shipping, forcing many ships to take the more circuitous route around Africa.