US Targets Russian Metals, Primarily Aluminium With 200% Duties Imposed

The U.S. has expanded its economic sanctions against Russia to include the mining and metals industries.

Aluminium would be struck the hardest, with 200% duties imposed on Russian metal imports beginning from March 10 and on any 3rd-country product incorporating Russian metal from Apr 10.

Russian aluminium will be wiped out ” U.S. Sanctions 200% Tarrifs”

The LME 3 month aluminium price is now trading at $2,405 per tonne. Near the lowest of its year-to-date range of $2,250-2,680 per tonne, completely ignoring previous developments.

Aluminium Futures & Other Metals Falling off “Could Hurt Supply Chain”

In order to inflict costs on Russia while keeping expenses to American consumers to a minimum. The U.S. says it had adjusted its import tariffs.

Supplier nations may only escape if they slap at least 200% tariffs on their own imports of Russian aluminium.

Russian Metals