US economy into recession in 2023? The CEOs of JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are sure that’s correct.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, expressed concern about the impact of inflation on individuals and businesses

Dimon stated that “what I just said is being undermined by inflation and that a trillion a half dollars would run out sometime in the middle of next year.”

According to JPM’s CEO, boosting interest rates “may not be adequate to manage inflation” with Fed Funds going toward 5%.

What will happen to the US economy in 2023?

The GS predicts that stock, crude oil. And real estate (commercial and residential) will all continue to display a downward trend, which will be offset by the U.S. dollar’s gain.

The New York Fed’s recession model calculates a 38% chance of a recession inside the U.S. in Nov 2023. (Readings above 30% are traditionally harbingers of an economic recession)

Nowcast model from the Cleveland Fed

Predicts that the core rate would only slightly decline to 6.26%.