US economic growth last quarter dropped but still expanded at 2.9%

Despite the pressure with rising interest rates and increasing concerns about an impending recession. United States economy grew at a 2.9% annualised from Oct to Dec, finishing 2022 with momentum.

The Federal Reserve’s rapid cycle of interest rate hikes is meant to result in the economy’s forecasted slowdown in the coming months

Rolling Recession

It has come as a great shock how resilient the US labour market has been. In official data going back in 1940, the number of jobs added by businesses last year was 4.5 million.

US Economy Growth

The Federal Reserve has been acting in response to inflation that has been progressively declining but has maintained persistently high.

According to Moody’s Analytics, the ensuing instability might lead to the loss of close to 6 million US jobs in a severe recession like the one brought on by the 2007–2009 financial meltdown.