US President Joe Biden realizes this and reminds the country of this in statements on Friday while he cheered the new job report.

We still have hard work to do to reduce inflation and assist American people who are struggling to make ends meet. Nevertheless, we are headed in the right path

What to Expect at first FED Meeting of 2023?

After its top policymaking body’s FED meeting on Jan 31–Feb 1, the Fed is expect to declare another rate hike.

According to the minutes, “Participants underlined their robust commitment to bringing inflation back toward the Federal Open Market Committee’s 2% target.

Big layoffs in the tech world, started with Facebook & Twitter in Nov, have been a direct result on the economic uncertainty, though they are not only related to inflation.

US Fights for Inflation Pullback

The day before, online clothes retailer Stitch Fix revealed that 20% of its personnel will be let go.

Industry analysts predict that non-tech organisations, like those in the healthcare and hotel industries, will offer better employment opportunities for tech workers.