Ukrainians are bracing for a wintertime with no or little electricity in various cities, including Kyiv.

Zelenskiy has said half of the nation’s power capacity was already destroyed by Russian rockets as part of Moscow’s recent missile attacks on power infrastructure in response to military failures.

Zelensky asked Ukranians to Reduce Power Usage

“Try to reduce the amount of electricity you use personally.“

The leader of YASNO, which supplies Kyiv with energy, Sergey Kovalenko, claimed. That workers are hurriedly finishing up repairs before the chilly winter weather arrives.

What Happens if the Nuclear Reactors are Shut Down?

The military of Ukraine reported late on Monday that Russian soldiers had bombed nearby village.

At least 12 blasts at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station. That has been under Russian control since shortly after its invasion of the nation on February 24.

Despite the extensive damage, nothing that harm the plant’s essential systems found by IAEA experts who examine the site on Monday, according to the organization.

The reactors are off, but if the power to the cooling systems is lost. There is a chance that the radioactive fuel could overheat. Shelling frequently destroys electricity wires.