Turkey Discovers 540 BCM Natural Gas in Black Sea

Turkey reported a fresh natural gas discovery inside the Black Sea on Monday, as well as improved estimates for an existing discovered gas inside the basin. 

“Hopefully, we’ll start utilising this gas next year.“ Erdogan says this past week that 13 wells had already dug in the Sakarya area by Turkey.

Effects of the Russian invasion with Ukraine

The Russian invasion with Ukraine has severely hurt Turkey’s economy and energy prices, increasing the cost of energy imports for Ankara.

Turkey is getting ready to host a possible centre for Russian and foreign gas. Which the EU might find politically objectionable.

Putin had first proposed re-routing natural gas supplies planned for the broken Nord Stream pipelines to Black Sea & the establishment of the EU gas hub in Turkey a week earlier.

Gazprom is currently actively working with Turkish partners. With other possible members of this initiative from other countries.” In an interview with Rossiya-24 TV news channel on Friday.