At the Federal Reserve’s meeting earlier this month, a “significant majority” of decision-makers concurred. 

the economy adapted to more expensive credit and worries about “overshooting” seemed to grow. The Fed increased its policy rate by three-quarters

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) 

 a slower pace “would better allow the (FOMC) to assess performance toward its goals of maximum job and price stability.“

Can Fed Actually Slow The Inflation?

Participants stressed that the level at. Which the Committee ultimately increased the target range and the evolution of the policy stance subsequently had become more relevant considerations than the pace, 

Investors continued to bet on a half-point hike at the policy meeting on December 13–14. According to contracts linked to the Fed’s policy rate.



policymakers admitted there had been little visible improvement on inflation & indicated rates still needed to climb

The battle between the “different” and the “several” will determine the future of monetary policy. 

Fed Monetary Policy

In its policy statement on November 2, the Fed hinted to growing worries about the risks of tightening monetary policy by stating that the “pace of future hikes” would “take into account the cumulative tightness of monetary policy.