Ukraine War: Drone attack over Kyiv amid air alerts

Moscow continued its consistent bombardment onto a 2nd day of 2023, while targeting crucial architecture in Kyiv.

Ukraine’s defence ministry reported that at 3 AM on Monday. Its air defence systems had destroyed Twenty air objects over Kyiv.

A 19-year-old boy was injured by debris from drone attack in Kyiv’s North-Eastern Desnianskiy district, the Klitschko said.

Air defence systems early on Monday morning destroyed 9 Iranian manufactured Shahed drones over the Zaporizhzhia & Dnipropetrovsk districts.

Impacts of “Drone Attack”

After strikes in Kherson, Children’s hospital also impact, in Khmelnytsky in the western part of the Ukraine

“We are uncertain of what the year 2023 will bring. I only have one wish for all of us that is victory, and that is the main thing.”