The G20 summit in Bali was undoubtedly good for India. It has received much praise for its role in establishing a balance between the Russia-China axis and the West.

There is some hope that New Delhi may be able to mediate the escalating East-West dispute, particularly in the interests of the Global South, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed.

On Saturday, the government briefed more than 40 diplomats & officials from the United Nations.

What is India’s role in G20 ?

New Delhi appears to be more concerned with the alleged prestige and status that go with with such a position than with anything that has to do with actual material substance.

Consider much Indian “leadership” of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board. That occurred in the early stages of the Covid epidemic in 2020.

China’s Dominance, Topmost Concern for India

In the near future, the primary concern for India’s foreign policy will be how to defend the country against China’s military threat and pursuit of political dominance in Asia and beyond.