Metal Prices in SHFE Ended Neutral but Remains under pressure over Fed Rate Hike & US Inflation Data

Non-ferrous metals in Shanghai finished day trading signals neutral. While 239,000 jobs were predicted to be added to United States non-farm payrolls in March.


The Shanghai futures exchange lead fluctuated today. The insufficient market supply caused spot holders to hike their prices.


In Shanghai Future Exchange zinc prices increased by 45 yuan/metric tonnes or 0.20 percent to 22,130 yuan/metric tonnes on the Shanghai futures exchange 2305 metal exchange. 1,289 less lots were open, bringing the total to 104,744 lots.


Shanghai futures exchange 2305 nickel finished at 178,530 yuan/metric tonnes, up 1,500 yuan/metric tonnes or 0.85 percent. At 75,938 lots, the open interest decreased by 7,813 lots.


Aluminium finished at 18,615 yuan/mt, lower 25 yuan/metric tonnes or 0.13 percent. To 201,697 lots, the open interest decreased by 1,968 lots.