Glencore plc (LON:GLEN) owners haven’t had the best quarter because the share price has dropped 18 percent over that time.

The share price has increased by a very impressive 271 percent throughout that time. After a significant increase, it’s not unusual to see a share price retrace a little.

Now let’s look into it and check if the company’s longer-term performance has been consistent with the development of the core business.

Profit Mining Perspective

Hence, the TSR is sometimes much larger than the share price gain for companies that pay generous dividends. We observe that Glencore’s TSR over the previous three years was 310 percent

Including dividend, that. That, however, falls short of the 10 percent TSR each year it generated for stockholders over a 5-year period.

Yet we must also take into account other data in order to really understand anything.