Indian exporters are concerned about the covid-19 spike in China as it may result to a decrease in demand in Western countries

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that there is a “medium likelihood” anything more contagious COVID-19 will arise in its Article 4 report

The slowdown in China was pretty obvious for the previous few months, affecting the shipments of major products including mineral, iron ore, cotton, aluminium, copper, etc.

How COVID-19 Outbreak in China can Impact the Indian Exporter?

Tea exports for China declined by nearly 28% in value between Jan and Sept, from $11.6 million – $8.29 million.

The exporter claimed that this had a negative effect on Indian tea exports while pointing out that Indian businesses continue to collect orders from China.

Except from a few weeks during the initial surge of COVID-19. China has avoided disrupting the supply of pharmaceutical supplies.

Iron ore, agricultural products, and engineering goods could be impacted, according to Saket Dalmia – President at PHDCCI.