Copper prices rises on Thursday 

The US consumer price index upped less than predicted last month, which caused the dollar to plunge on Thursday. 

In October, the US added 261,000 jobs, far more than the predicted 200,000.

Inflation appears to be slowing down. Over the past month, gas costs have decreased by around $0.10. 

the inflation rate is still far higher than the Fed's 2% target, indicating that the central bank would likely continue to take aggressive action.

Some economists are still confident that the Fed can raise rates further without sending the United States into recession.

In the meantime, the National Business Daily stated that the Chinese province of Henan had granted 26.2 billion yuan ($3.65 billion) to support funding for problematic real estate projects and to guarantee prompt deliveries of homes that had already been presold.

However, the world's top consumer of metals continues to show dismal economic indicators and an increase in coronavirus cases.