Copper Inventories falls this week but will increase Next Week on Grim demand ahead

The copper inventory in the Chinese markets as of Friday, Apr 7 totalled at 202,300 metric tonnes, up 400 metric tonnes from previous Friday & down 3,900 metric tonnes from Monday.

In most places, copper inventories decreased when compared to Monday. Domestic total inventories increased by 62K metric tonnes from 140,300 metric tonnes over the same time period in 2017.

Compared to Monday, the inventories in Jiangsu dropped by 1,500 metric tonnes, and the inventories in Shanghai fell by 5,200 metric tonnes, to 119,000 metric tonnes.

This week, the volume of exports entering and departing Guangdong was essentially the same. The rise in locally registered warrants was the evident cause of the inventory growth in Zhejiang.

The week after next will see lower consumption than this week. supply will increase and demand will decline the next week. Moreover, inventory would increase.