A report released on Friday by International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted that if more efforts are not made to shift to a low-carbon economy.

some regions have experienced heat waves and droughts that have increased electricity consumption, decreased hydropower, and resulted in very low nuclear generation, particularly in Europe

India is predicted to experience the biggest increase in coal demand, with 7%, European Union with 6% & China with 0.4%.

Demand Forecast Coal

Demand Forecast Coal

director of the energy markets & security at the (IEA), said. That although coal consumption is expected to be the first to fall. The world is “near to a peak in the use of fossil fuels.”

China, India, and Indonesia, the world’s top three coal producers, will all set new production records this year.

According to the research, this reflects the caution expressed by mining businesses and investors regarding coal’s medium & long-term prospects.