On Sunday, China set a new daily record of 40,347 new infections, of which 3,822 was symptomatic & 36,525 was asymptomatic. According to the National Health Commission.

Zero-Covid policy, the government’s stringent approach to controlling Chinese stocks,

President Xi Jinping’s trademark zero-COVID policy and record-high daily infections have sparked a wave of civil disobedience.

The key Problems Regarding Covid in China:

1. On Sunday, 40,347 infection were recorded in China, of which 3,822 showed symptoms and 36,525 did not.

2. Due to an increase in infections, Shenzhen’s health authorities tightened regulations on public areas on Sunday.

3. When protests against Chinese government’s zero-Covid policy sparked concerns about the country’s handling of the pandemic.

4. Beginning on Tuesday, people in Shanghai must have a recent negative PCR test in order to attend establishments like restaurants, bars, malls, and other similar venues.

5. According to reports, one of the main causes of the uproar was a fire that broke out in an apartment building in the Xinjiang area of northwest China, killing 10 people and injuring many more