Chile, Codelco to Restart Delayed Copper Salvador Mine Project

Chile, Codelco, the world’s largest copper producer, is attempting to minimise a series of problems that have pushed one of its investment projects behind time and beyond budget.

The division chief, Christian Toutin, stated in a Friday interview that output in 2023 will be “nearly nil” because of the delays.

Will there be enough copper supply to satisfy growing demands?

According to him, production will be close to 70,000 metric tonnes next year. Peaking in the 2nd half of the year & achieving the planned capacity of 90,000 tonnes in 2025.

We are concentrating on how to reposition the plan & complete it as quickly as we can, Toutin added.

As mines become more expensive & difficult to construct. Codelco & other businesses in the sector are facing challenges with projects necessary to sustain production at their ageing operations.