Arizona concluded buying of Prairie Lithium, boosting its global lithium reserves to 4.4 Metric tons by 1,200% for the lithium carbonate equivalent.

The best-quality inferred lithium brine resource in Canada discovered to date. Prairie Lithium’s 4.1 million tonnes of carbonate of lithium equivalent (LCE) at 111 mg/L Li, is include in the acquisition of Prairie Lithium.

The direct extraction of lithium technology developed by Prairie. Which has already shown promising results with Big Sandy material, has also been bought by Arizona Lithium.

Eye’s on Lithium

Zach Maurer, the creator and CEO of Prairie Lithium, will join the organization’s boards as an executive director headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, as part of the acquisition.

The lithium project in Saskatchewan. Canada’s Williston Basin, contains a resource of 4.1Mt LCE at 111mg/L and offers a sizable room for growth.

It has quick access to essential infrastructure. Such as paved roads, trains, power, natural gas, and fresh water.