Worldwide efforts are being made to bring semiconductor manufacturing in-house. India with its Rs 76,000 crore Financial incentive plan.

India is attempting to bring the whole chip ecosystem—not just manufacturing—to the nation.

Most people are curious as to whether Intel would establish a chip facility in India. Which is still in a waiting and watching position.

Semiconductor giants are investing big in India

Subsequently, the company announced that it will invest 2.5 billion dollar in a 300micrometres wafer fabrication plant in China.

China Losing New Bets – Chipmakers are Eyeing to China’s Alternatives

The 2nd round of applications for India’s chip plan will shortly be open. We can only hope that Intel is one of the four main fabs with whom the govt is in advanced negotiations

The first chipmaking factory will be built in India by Foxconn and Vedanta for $19.5 billion (£16.9 billion) in Sept 2022.

Yet, Indian governments are vigorously trying to attract semiconductor industry even if Intel and TSMC have not yet made any promises.