ShreeMetalPrice: Vedanta have decided to invest another 25000 crore to Expand its Aluminum, Ferrochrome and Mining Businesses in Odisha


Vedanta Resources, which has made the largest single investment in Odisha at Rs 80 crore, said on Wednesday. “It plans to allocate an additional Rs 25000 crore to expand its Aluminum Ferrochrome and mining businesses in the state“.

According to a company statement, with this investment sum. Its activities (directly and indirectly) contribute almost four percent to the GDP of the state of Odisha. Odisha – Roadshow 2022. Citing Agarwal,. The statement said the company has created more than five lakh livelihood opportunities,. Benefited hundreds of MSMEs in the state, to do in Odisha.

It is among the most affordable investment destinations in India, skillfully steered by the stable guidance,. Leadership and vision of Honorable Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik,. Which is reflected in the state’s ease of doing business rankings. He also said that the company “Has new investments in excess of Rs 25,000 crore in line with the expansion of its Aluminum, Ferrochrome and Mining businesses which will create more employment and income opportunities for the state”

Largest aluminum park in the country near our Jharsuguda smelter to strengthen the domestic downstream aluminum ecosystem,.” Agarwal said, adding that Odisha’s rich culture, skilled workforce and natural resource sector have contributed significantly to boosting the nation’s GDP have”- SHREEMETALPRICES