Ukraine Strike Russian Navy Ship Near Novorossiysk Oil Port


Drone Attack Damages Russian Navy Vessel Amid Rising Tensions

In a significant escalation of hostilities, Ukrainian security services and navy reportedly carried out a drone strike on a Russian Navy ship outside the oil export port of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea.

Ukraine claims that the Russian Navy landing ship, Olenegorsky Gornyak, was damaged in the attack, while Russia asserts that it repelled the assault.

Social Media Circulates Videos of the Attack

Videos of the purported drone attack started circulating on social media, raising concerns over the escalating conflict between the two countries.

Ukrainian media outlet “Ukrainska Pravda” reported that the operation involved the use of a drone carrying 450 kg (992 pounds) of TNT, as per sources from Ukraine’s security service, SBU, and the Ukrainian Navy.

Impact on Novorossiysk Oil Port

Novorossiysk, a crucial navy and oil export port in Russia, handles approximately 600,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil and serves as a key outlet for most of Kazakhstan’s crude oil as well.

Operations at the oil terminal experienced a brief suspension following the attack. But the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), which operates the terminal, confirmed that tanker loadings continued, and its infrastructure remained undamaged.

First Attack on Russian Oil Export Infrastructure Since 2022 Invasion

This attack outside the port of Novorossiysk marks the first such incident targeting Russian oil export infrastructure since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022.

The situation has further heightened tensions between the two nations, with Russia previously striking the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odesa, causing damage to facilities crucial for Ukraine’s grain exports.

Impact on Global Oil Supply

Given Novorossiysk’s significant role in oil exports, the incident may impact oil supply to the market, potentially drawing attention from the White House and global commodity analysts.

With the situation remaining volatile, the international community is closely monitoring developments in the region to assess the implications for the energy market and geopolitical stability.