ShreeMetalPrices: Prior to the Fed’s shift, there is a Buying Opportunity: Silver will reach $500 and The US Currency will Collapse: Robert Kiyosaki


Prior to the Fed’s shift, there is a buying opportunity: Silver will reach $500 and the US currency will collapse: Robert Kiyosaki
The Federal Reserve’s aggressive approach should be used to increase purchases of gold, silver, and bitcoin, according to Robert Kiyosaki.
It’s time to shop for precious metals, including Bitcoin, believes Kiyosaki as the Fed prepares to hike interest rates by another 75 basis points for the fourth consecutive meeting in November.
BUYING OPPORTUNITY: If the FED keeps raising interest rates, the U.S. dollar will strengthen, driving down the price of gold, silver, & cryptocurrencies. GET MORE. You will smile while others grieve when the FED reverses course and cuts interest rates like England just did. Be careful, “Over the weekend, he tweeted.
According to Kiyosaki, the U.S. dollar’s strength, which has kept gold and silver under tremendous downward pressure, will not persist. The U.S. dollar index has been trading close to 20-year highs during Q3.
Will the American dollar adopt the British Pound Sterling? It will, I think. After the Fed changes course, I think the U.S. currency will collapse by January 2023 “He stated recently in another tweet.
The bestselling author claimed that he is increasing his silver purchases in order to profit. “I purchased many more U.S. silver Buffalo rounds in order to profit on the collapse of the US dollar. Silver is inexpensive. I won’t fall prey to the F*CKed FED, “said he.

These Assets are More like “INSURANCE”

Within this decade, according to Kiyosaki, silver would increase to $100 and eventually $500. “THIS IS IT. called my trusted gold and silver dealer, Jerry Williams. I can’t get gold or silver coins, he declared. The mint will no longer sell me. This indicates to me that FAKE $ has reached its conclusion “Tweeted Kiyosaki. “Crashing of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and real estate. As foreseen, the middle class will disappear.

Silver will continue around $20 for three to five years before rising to $100 or $500. Even the destitute can afford silver. Gather silver right now.” The best-selling author spoke to the gold-to-silver ratio, noting that it was 47:1 in the 20th century, meaning that 47 ounces of silver were required to purchase one ounce of gold. That ratio is currently around 83:1.
why I advise “buying silver.” Everyone can purchase a silver coin for $25. Don’t believe anything I say. Study. Become wealthy Avoid being a fool, “He stated in a previous piece. As of the writing of this article, December silver futures were trading at $20.55, an increase of about 8% on the day and six-week highs. Meanwhile, the important $1,700 per ounce barrier was broken by December gold futures, which were last trading at $1,700.70, up 1.72% on the day.

As the “greatest crash in history” plays out, Kiyosaki told Kitco News Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor Michelle Makori that investors should hedge their portfolios with “hard assets” like gold, silver. I don’t want anything that can be printed, such as a dollar bill, a bond, or a stock certificate, he said. “I have a serious interest in food, oil, gold, and silver. I’m a staunch advocate of physical assets.”

He asserted that these assets are more like “insurance” than investments.