ShreeMetalPrices: Lithium Output Cuts Back in China After Price Collapse


Lithium prices have collapsed, forcing Chinese companies to reduce production of a crucial battery component at a major industrial hub. According to a story in the Chinese journal Paper. Which did not name any specific enterprises and cited an unnamed source, some lithium manufacturers in Yichun, Jiangxi Province, including 2 significant ones, have slowed down […]

ShreeMetalPrices: UBS buys Credit Suisse in $3.25B to halt banking turmoil


The acquisition of Credit Suisse with UBS will produce a banking titan unprecedented of in Switzerland’s history, where in banking is a vital part of country’s identity. Here are the key terms of the 3.25 billion dollar settlement. Which was reached on Sunday following protracted negotiations involving the govt, financial watchdogs, and the central bank. […]

ShreeMetalPrices: United states Federal Reserve Policy Meeting sets for Mar 21 & 22


A number of significant economic events scheduled for the week, as well as a banking Industries turmoil in the United States. It is anticipated that both the domestic market and its international equivalents will remain volatile. Given the ongoing financial crisis & recent economic statistics. The 2-day United states FOMC monetary policy meeting. Which is […]

ShreeMetalPrices: Oil & Commodities Steadies Hopes on China’s & U.S. Data


The oil industry has been waiting for data to confirm that China is purchasing crude as never before since COVID restrictions were lifted in the top crude importer in the world about 4 weeks ago. Investors will get a first impression of how China’s economic reopening is doing based on the PMI statistics released on […]

ShreeMetalPrices: Russia & Ukraine war: G20 unable to reach a solution


G20 finance leaders are expected to adjourn their conference in India on Sat. Without issuing a common statement because they were unable to agree on how to describe the conflict in Ukraine. They added that despite opposition from the Chinese & Russian delegations. The U.S. & its partners in the G7 group have been determine in their demands that […]



Hindalco Aluminium Increases it’s Product Prices By INR 7,250/-MT on 02-February-2023 Hindalco Aluminium Ingot Prices Increases By INR 7,250/-MT today which comes at INR 244,750/-MT. Hindalco Aluminium Alloy Wire Rod Prices Increases By INR 7,250/-MT today which comes at INR 255,850/-MT. Hindalco Aluminium Billet Prices Increases By INR 7,250/-MT today which comes at INR 258,850/-MT […]