Metal Scrap Crucial for Green Steel Production, Drives Demand in Mexico


Metal scrap has become a vital raw material due to climate change, not just in Mexico but worldwide for the manufacture of green steel. 11,376 establishments in Mexico are devote to the purchase or collection of the product. Some reports state that Mexico uses 12.5 million metric tonnes of ferrous scrap annually, of which slightly […]

Copper Prices Rally Amidst Supply Concerns and Strong Demand Signals


Copper prices rose by 1.15% to 869.75, as markets weighed supply shortages against strong near- and long-term demand indicators. Market sentiment was further supported by the change in China’s Politburo rhetoric. Which suggested deeper worries about the nation’s property crisis and sparked rumours of rate cuts and quantitative easing. The world’s largest copper producer, Chile, […]

ShreeMetalPrices: Lithium Output Cuts Back in China After Price Collapse


Lithium prices have collapsed, forcing Chinese companies to reduce production of a crucial battery component at a major industrial hub. According to a story in the Chinese journal Paper. Which did not name any specific enterprises and cited an unnamed source, some lithium manufacturers in Yichun, Jiangxi Province, including 2 significant ones, have slowed down […]

ShreeMetalPrices: China’s Aluminium Ingot Inventory continue to slide


The social inventories of aluminium ingots in China’s eight main markets were 1.04 Million MT as of Apr 6, down to 28K MT from Apr 3 & 50K metric tonnes from the previous week. The amount was also 30K metric tonnes lower than during the same time previous year. Due to the approaching delivery of […]

ShreeMetalPrices: UBS buys Credit Suisse in $3.25B to halt banking turmoil


The acquisition of Credit Suisse with UBS will produce a banking titan unprecedented of in Switzerland’s history, where in banking is a vital part of country’s identity. Here are the key terms of the 3.25 billion dollar settlement. Which was reached on Sunday following protracted negotiations involving the govt, financial watchdogs, and the central bank. […]