ShreeMetalPrices: Russia & Ukraine war: G20 unable to reach a solution


G20 finance leaders are expected to adjourn their conference in India on Sat. Without issuing a common statement because they were unable to agree on how to describe the conflict in Ukraine.

They added that despite opposition from the Chinese & Russian delegations. The U.S. & its partners in the G7 group have been determine in their demands that the declaration explicitly denounce Russia for its invasion of its neighbour.

The G20 member country of Russia avoids using the terms “invasion” or “war“. When describing its actions in Ukraine and instead calls them a “special military operation.

According to G20 sources, India as a host is also pressuring the conference to avodind to use the word “war” to any communiqué.

India, which now holds the G20 membership, has maintained a mostly neutral attitude on the conflict by rejecting to hold Russia responsible for the attack, pursuing a diplomatic resolution, and significantly increasing its buys of Russian oil.

Why the G20 can’t resolve the “Russia and Ukraine War”

The G20 conference in Bali, Indonesia, last Nov resulted in an unified statement that declared “most members strongly denounced the violence in Ukraine,.” While also acknowledging that certain nations had differing perspectives on the crisis. According to the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, the group could not roll back that step.

According to Le Maire on Friday. “Either we use the same language or we don’t sign on the the last communique.

The G20 must not abandon its prior criticism of Russia. According to German Finance Minister Christian Lindner, who spoke on the sidelines of the conference on Friday.

We need to be clear that Vladimir Putin started this war, he said.

In the G20, a group established more than twenty years ago in response to previous economic crises. But recent times hampered by divisions between Western countries & others, notably  Russia & China, such stand-offs have become more common.

According to a senior G20 source, Western countries’ initiatives were being block by China & Russia during the arduous communiqué deliberations.

The report says that “India wants to keep to the Bali wording.”

According to the source & several other experts, a consensus on the statement was improbable barring a last-minute surprise, and the meeting was anticipated that the host would make a statement at the end summarising the discussion.

According to the experts, In the absence of agreement, India would have the alternative of issuing a chair statement. Also Comment requests were not immediately answer by the foreign, finance, or information ministries of India.