ShreeMetalPrices: Putin Says, This Decade will be the most Terrible since World War II.


According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the The U.S. and its allies’ control over the world is inevitably going to fall, leading in the most terrifying decade since World War II. On Thursday, Putin alleged that the US had sparked the crisis in Ukraine and that the West was engaging in a “dangerous, brutal, and nasty” game of politics that was causing havoc throughout the globe.

The West would ultimately need to discuss the future of the globe with Russia and other significant powers, he claimed.

Putin said at the Valdai Discussion Club, a gathering of international policy specialists. That “the historical era of the West’s undisputed dominion over global affairs is coming to an end.

“We are at a historical crossroads: the decade ahead is likely to be the most difficult, unexpected, and crucial ever since end of World War II.”

Despite its current stage of conflict, he said, Russia does not view the West as either an enemy. For the “leading nations of the West as well as NATO,” Moscow “had one statement: let’s stop being enemies, let’s live together.”

Putin’s comments, according to the White House. It was nothing new and did not suggest a shift in his strategic objectives, particularly those in Ukraine.

Putin Said “Russia was Ready for Negotiation’s”

The largest conflict between the West and Russia that since 1962 Cuban missile crises. Where the United States and the Soviet Union came alarmingly near to nuclear war, began. When Russia deployed military in Ukraine on February 24.

While the West has imposed the most harsh sanctions in entire history on Russia. One of the largest producers of natural resources to a globe, tens of thousands of persons have died.

Putin claimed that while Moscow were ready for negotiations to put an end to the war in Ukraine, Kiev was not.

It’s not a matter of us; we’re prepare for talks. However, the decision was made in Kyiv not to pursue talks with Russia,” he stated. If Washington sends a message to Kyiv that it should adjust its stance and find a peaceful solution. The situation will be extremely simple to resolve.

Since attempts at a negotiated settlement broke down in the opening weeks of the war, the two have not held any peace negotiations. And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had categorically rejected a negotiated settlement with Putin.

When questioned about the possibility of a nuclear conflict getting out of hand. Putin responded that there would always be a risk of using nuclear weapons.

The Game is Dangerous, Bloody

He asserted that Moscow had no plans for using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. “We don’t think that’s necessary. Neither a political nor even a military purpose can be found in that.

The spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry. Maria Zakharova, asserted that “the more the US is pushed into helping the Kyiv government on the ground, greater they risk causing a direct military conflict between the two largest nuclear powers filled with devastating implications.”

Putin said that the West was openly racist & looked down on those other people around the world by using a Harvard University Public lecture by Russian dissident & author Alexandr Solzhenitsyn from 1978.

The so-called West has placed power over the world on the line in its game – but the game is destructive, bloody, and, dare I say, dirty,” Putin warned.The sower of the winds shall reap the storm,” they say.

Putin framed the Ukrainian crisis as a fight between the West and Russia over control of a second-largest Eastern Slav nation. He claimed that because Russians & Ukrainians were one people, it was in some ways a “civil war.” Kyiv strongly refutes both of those beliefs.

Putin claimed that although he was regularly informed of the Russian loss in Ukraine. Only Russia was capable of ensuring the country’s territorial integrity.

I always have believed and perhaps believe in common sense, so I am certain of that sometime soon the emerging centres of the multi – polar global order as well as the West are going to start an equal discussion well about future we share – as well as the earlier the better,” Putin added.