Poland’s steel output decreased by 9.7% on a month-to-month basis in November


November 2023 saw a 9.7% decrease in Poland’s steel output from the previous month, totaling 521 thousand tonnes, by Polish steelmakers. Statistics from the World Steel Association support this.

In November 2023, Poland’s steel output rose by 26.2% on an annual basis.

Polish steel producers produced 5.96 million tonnes of steel between January and November of 2023. When compared to the same period in 2022, this is a 14.9% decrease.

Between January and November of 2022, Poland produced 543.6 thousand tonnes of steel on average per month; by the same period in 2022. The figure had dropped to 659 thousand tonnes (-17.51% y/y).

Ten steel plants exist in Poland: eight electric arc furnaces in Chorzów (145 thousand tonnes), Częstochowa (800 thousand tonnes), Gliwice (250 thousand tonnes), Katowice (65 thousand tonnes), Ostrowiec (900 thousand tonnes), Stalowa Wola (240 thousand tonnes), Warsaw (750 thousand tonnes), and Zawiercie (1.34 million tonnes). 2 blast furnaces in Krakow (annual capacity of 2.6 million tonnes of finished products) and Dąbrowa Górnicza (5 million tonnes). And two blast furnaces in Częstochowa (800 thousand tonnes).

Poland produced 7.73 million tonnes of steel in 2022, an 8.6% decrease from 2021. As a result, the nation was placed 22nd in WorldSteel’s ranking of all steel producers worldwide.

Overall, the EU countries produced 10.6 million tonnes of steel in November 2023, 3.2% more than in the same month the previous year. This year, the European Union produced 117.6 million tonnes of steel, a 7.8% year-over-year decrease.

The unstable market situations that have been present since the autumn of 2022 are the cause of the low steel output in January through November of 2023. Demand for domestic steel products is low due to an abundance of cheaper imports.

And the European steel sector is facing high output costs at this time. The ability of many businesses to maintain stable product prices and strike a balance between supply and demand has now diminished.

As previously reported by Shree Metal Prices, European steel producers decreased their output of steel to 136.7 million tonnes in 2022, a 10.5% decrease from 2021. Global steel production decreased 4.3% year over year to 1.831 billion tonnes last year.