ShreeMetalPrices: Glencore’s Antapaccay copper mining in Peru has been halted due to fire break out.


Glencore’s giant Antapaccay copper mining in Peru was disrupted once on Friday. When a fire spread into an adjacent worker housing complex. Which is thought to have ignited by protestors, said a source aware of the situation.

People are see placing explosive stuff close to one of the mine’s fencing in a video which the company posted on its Facebook page.

Following weeks of heated and frequently violent anti-government protests sparked by the country’s president’s removal last month, the attack occurred as political and social turmoil in Peru is rising.

Earlier this week, protesters caused Glencore’s mine—one of the biggest in the nation—to operate at “limited” capacity.

The core extractive industry in Peru, the 2nd largest copper producer in the world, has been increasingly disrupt, largely. As a result of road blockades that prevent transportation.

According to a statement from the firm posted late Thursday. Only 38% of the Antapaccay mines employees was working, and since January 4. Blockades have prevented supplies from getting to the mine’s facilities.

The statement also noted that the transportation of mineral concentrate is still on hold.