Copper Prices Surges 1.05% Amidst Chinese Stimulus And Us Dollar Dip


Copper prices jumped 1.05%, setting at 729.9, boosted by a slight drop in the United States (US) dollar and fresh stimulus efforts from the Chinese government. Positive sentiment was bolstered by China’s announcement that the reserve requirement ratio would be lowered over the next two weeks. Supplying CNY 1 trillion in liquidity, as well as signs of further economic support.

These steps were taken in an effort to boost confidence in the Chinese production outlook and address the declining demand. Along with a pledge of CNY 2 trillion in foreign funds for a stock rescue package.

Prices were further supported by worries that the long-term supply of copper would not be able to meet demand given its essential role in electrification.

The International Copper Study Group (ICSG) reports that the global refined copper market had a shortfall of 119,000 metric tonnes in November. And up from 48,000 metric tonnes in October. 2.26 million metric tonnes of refined copper were produced in November, while 2.38 million metric tonnes were consumed. After accounting for variations in inventory in Chinese bonded warehouses.

The November shortfall was 128,000 metric tonnes, as opposed to the October shortfall of 70,000 metric tonnes.

The market appears to be seeing new buyers as open interest increased by 8.71% to close at 4618. There has been a 7.55 rupee increase in price. Resistance is most likely at 733.8, while support is found at 724.4, with a possible test of 718.7.

Testing 737.5 could follow a move above. It is recommended that traders keep a close eye on developments in China. The state of the world economy, and the dynamics of the copper supply in order to make well-informed decisions in the market.