China’s Economic Recovery Boosts Copper Demand, U.S. Inflation Data Awaited


Copper Prices Hold Steady as Signs of Chinese Recovery Emerge

China’s economy is showing promising signs of recovery, which is bolstering the demand for copper. Last Friday, copper prices opened at $8,230.5 per metric ton and closed at $8,230, experiencing a slight drop of 0.9%. The day saw fluctuations between $8,213 and $8,259.5 per metric ton.

New York Federal Reserve President Mr. Williams expresses confidence in current U.S. monetary policies but awaits further September data to make future decisions. There’s a belief among financial experts that the U.S. will maintain high interest rates, potentially strengthening the U.S. dollar.

Today, copper prices saw a modest rise, reflecting optimism about China’s economic recovery and its potential increased demand for copper. However, concerns linger, including the weakening Chinese yuan and rising copper inventories.

On the London Metal Exchange, the three-month copper price increased by 0.4% to $8,275.50 per metric ton today, following a 3% drop the previous week. In Shanghai, the most-traded October copper contract decreased by 0.2% to 68,730 yuan per ton.

Recent data from China indicates a slight increase in consumer prices in August, a positive development. Factory prices also decreased at a slower rate. Additionally, China’s trade figures show improvement, with a slowdown in export and import declines.

China has been implementing measures to support its struggling property market, including the removal of home buying restrictions in several cities. However, the fluctuating value of the Chinese yuan poses challenges for the copper market, as a weaker yuan makes dollar-priced metals more expensive to import.

Investors are eagerly awaiting U.S. inflation data later this week, which will provide insights into potential interest rate hikes.