ShreeMetalPrices: China says recently proposed US ban against Chinese nationals purchasing property with in US violates laws


The China’s foreign ministry stated on Friday that the United States’ consideration of a ban against Chinese nationals purchasing property with in United States violates both the principles of a market economy and the laws governing international trade.

At a routine press conference, spokeswoman Mao Ning stated that “politicising economic, commerce. And investing issues and generalising the idea of national security contradict the laws of the market economy and global trade regulations.

Mao replied reacting to a query regarding Texas and Florida’s consideration of prohibiting Chinese citizens who live in the US for purchasing real estate.

As the tensions among the United States and China on security concerns increase, Texas, Arkansas, Florida. And other states are reportedly considering legislation that would prohibit Chinese citizens from purchasing real estate.

“I want to emphasise how mutually beneficial the economic and commercial cooperation between China and the United States is. Chinese businesses have made significant investments in America over the years. Helping to advance domestic employment and American economic growth “Mao stated.

The action is being taken as the US calls for tougher retaliation. After the Chinese spy balloon were shot down as after entering US airspace.