China Launches $40 Billion Fund to Boost Semiconductor Industry


In a strategic move, China is taking substantial steps to establish a massive $40 billion investment fund dedicated to strengthening its semiconductor industry. This significant initiative underscores China’s determination to close the technological divide with global competitors, especially the United States.

The newly proposed investment fund is poised to become the largest of its kind, managed by the China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, often referred to as the Big Fund.

This ambitious endeavor far surpasses the scale of previous funds initiated in 2014 and 2019.

A significant portion of this substantial fund will be allocated to acquiring advanced equipment vital for semiconductor manufacturing.

President Xi Jinping has consistently emphasized the urgency of China achieving self-sufficiency in semiconductor technology. This imperative has intensified due to export restrictions imposed by the U.S., limiting China’s access to crucial chip-making equipment.

Initiative aims to reduce the tech gap with the U.S.

In response to these formidable challenges, China is gearing up to launch this substantial fund, a decision recently greenlit by Chinese authorities. The nation’s finance ministry is planning to contribute 60 billion yuan, with potential contributions from other entities under consideration.

The Big Fund, in its prior iterations, has provided support to key players in China’s chip industry. Nevertheless, China confronts persistent obstacles in producing cutting-edge chips.

The selection of fund managers for this new venture is underway, with the possibility of retaining the same management team that oversaw previous funds.

This development underscores the paramount role that semiconductors play in today’s technology-driven world. Countries like China are making substantial investments in this sector to secure their technological futures.

Transitioning to self-sufficiency in semiconductor manufacturing is not just an economic objective. But also a strategic imperative for nations aiming to assert their technological prowess on the global stage.