ShreeMetalPrices: China Accelerating wind & Solar energy Generation, increased its supply of renewable energy


China has been the world’s biggest and most rapidly expanding manufacturer of renewable energy for some more than ten years. However since 2021, a sharp acceleration in the expansion of wind capacity has helped it increase its edge over rivals internationally.

According to research from think tank Ember, China. The world’s second-largest industry for wind energy, installed more wind generation capacity in the last 2 years compared to the past 7 years. In 2022 China has generate 46% higher wind energy than the entire of Europe.

China’s growing spur over the rest of the globe in such a short period of time further solidifies China’s position as the world’s leader in renewable energy. And highlights Beijing’s dedication to redesigning its enormous energy framework at a record pace. Europe has been the worlds largest major producer of wind power up until 2020.

Moreover, a record 34.2% of China’s power last year came from solar and wind power owing to the rapid expansion of wind capacity and a more than 27% increase in solar energy in 2022 compared to the previous year.

When COVID-19 movement restrictions are lift in 2022. This would aid the country’s energy sector reduce its reliance on highly polluting fossil fuels like coal. And as economic will growth picks up in 2023.


Although China has installed record amounts of wind and solar energy capacity over the past ten years. The rate of growth of wind generated electricity has been higher than that of solar electricity since 2020.

Due to the ability of wind turbines to create energy 24 hours a day. But solar power generation decreases when the sun sets, wind power is frequently chosen over solar power for the industrial scale production of electricity.

The average yearly growth in China’s wind capacity over the past two years were 178.60 terawatt hours, approximately 350% greater than the average growth rate from 2015 – 2020.

However and, more coal consumption is predict this year. As China’s overall economy picks up speed in response to Beijing’s stimulus measures. Which aim to revive company development and increase population mobility.

However, more wind energy developments are also projected to be included in China’s development mix with in future. Which must speed up China’s ongoing efforts to transition to a more renewable energy source. And possibly increase its top spot over the other countries in terms of deployment of renewable energy.