Ballistic Missile and Drone From Houthi Are Shot Down by Us in Red Sea


On Thursday night, authorities confirmed to Shree Metal Prices News that a ballistic missile and a drone were shot down by a US Navy ship in the Red Sea.

According to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), the USS Mason intercepted one drone or an anti-ship ballistic missile launched into the Southern Red Sea by the Houthis, an armed group supported by Iran.

There were eighteen ships in the area at the time, most of them cargo ships. But according to CENTCOM, none of the ships were damaged, and no injuries were reported.

This image, which was released on November 20, 2023. Shows a Houthi military helicopter flying over the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea.

Since mid-October, the Houthi rebels have attempted 22 attacks on international shipping, the most recent one occurring on Thursday night.

Houthi Escalation: 22 Attacks on International Shipping

The United States recently declared that it had established an international task force for maritime security in response to the worsening situation in the Red Sea.

According to State Department officials, the Biden administration’s first objective was to unite a wide range of foreign powers in order to restrain the Houthis, who hold a sizable portion of territory in Yemen.

Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder, the press secretary for the Pentagon, spoke about the attacks’ escalation earlier this month.

We’re keeping to take the condition in the Red Sea very seriously. There should be no doubt about that,” Ryder stated at the time.

These Houthi forces are acting in a destabilising, dangerous, and blatantly illegal manner according to international law. Therefore, an international solution is need to this global issue.

The United States has warned the Houthis repeatedly through diplomatic channels to cease their indiscriminate attacks.

According to a former State Department official. Despite this warning, the Houthis seem to be unfazed by it, as they maintain that they won’t stop until Israel’s war in Gaza is over.