Aluminium Prices Climb Amid China’s New Property Sector Stimulus


Aluminium prices increased 1.13% to 242.45, boosted by broad-based gains in base metals following China’s announcement of new stimulus measures for its having trouble property sector.

A notable rise in on-warrant the London Metal Exchange stocks at Malaysian Port Klang, which occurred well in advance of the crucial delivery deadline of May 15th, also caused the market to react.

This spike is the result of trading giants using new contract regulations in response to US and UK sanctions against Russian aluminium. Which created doubts about supply for important Western clients.

NBS reports that China’s primary aluminium output in April increased by 7.2% year over year to 3.58 million metric tonnes. April’s average daily production increased from 115,806 tonnes in March to 119,333 tonnes.

This increase in production has been bolstered by increasing aluminium prices both nationally and internationally.
Furthermore, an Antaike report stated that average profits for China’s aluminium industry have increased to 3,615 yuan per tonne. Which is 48% higher than prior month and nearly twice as high as it was a year ago.

A portion of operations in Yunnan, fourth-largest aluminum-producing region in China, were resumed in April. However, the production outlook is still uncertain because of the drought and decreased rainfall, which are affecting the hydropower supply.

According to NBS data, China’s production of aluminium for the first 4 months of this year was 14.24 million tonnes, 7.1% more than the same period the previous year.

Technically, new buyers are entering aluminium market. Open interest increased by 2.04% to 2,400 rupees as prices increased by 2.7 rupees. Aluminium is currently support at 239.8, and a drop below it could take it as low as 237. Resistance is see at 244.1 on the upside, or a move above it could drive prices up to 245.6.